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What To Know About Traveling With Dogs

What To Know About Traveling With Dogs

Dogs in the National Parks

Activities with pets are very limited within any national park. Dogs are prohibited in the backcountry and on any trail. They must be on a leash when outside of your car. They may be walked on the roads or in parking lots. They may accompany you in the campgrounds.

Dog-Friendly Parks & Trails

Bark Park is an off-leash dog park located on the southeast corner of 100 E 300 South. Please clean up after your dog and make sure your dog is well-mannered.

Dogs are allowed in Fisher Towers Recreation Area, and Dead Horse Point State Park has pet-friendly trails. A leash is recommended in the backcountry due to steep drops-offs.

Dogs may walk the Mill Creek Pathway on leash. No dogs allowed at Swanny Park; tickets will be issued.

Dog Safety

Heat Kills

The desert can be lethal for pets. Leaving a pet in a car is not only deadly for your furry friend, but it will get you a ticket. Car temperatures rise quickly in the sun, even on cool days. Cracking the window will not prevent your pet from dying of heat exhaustion. Always provide plenty of water during car trips.

Keep Them Hydrated Too!

Dogs need plenty of water, and you shouldn’t plan on finding it while you hike. You need to carry water for them on hikes or road trips. A 60lb dog needs a gallon of water a day. Adjust this to the weight of your dog. If your pup becomes lethargic, they may be dehydrated.

Protect Their Paws

The cement and rocks can get too hot for your dog’s paws. Anything too hot for the back of your hand is way too hot for your dog’s paws.

You should also check your dog’s paws for signs of discomfort more often than you’d think. Moab Barkery sells booties that will help protect their paws.

Pet Essentials

Moab has a mandatory leash law, so keep your dog on a leash. Most restaurants allow your well-mannered dog to join you on their patio.
Bring a copy of your pet’s vaccines. Lodging properties may need proof of them. Keep pet essentials like a water bowl, extra food and water, ID tags, extra leash/collar, poop bags, and first-aid kit with you.

Pet Health Tips

Dogs can be victims of heatstroke or heat exhaustion. Signs include rapid breathing, heavy panting, salivating, fatigue, muscle tremors, and staggering. If you see these signs, cool your dog down immediately with wet towels and get to a vet.

Dogs can also get sunburned. Talk to your vet about which sunscreen would be best for your pup.

Go With the Pros

For all of your furry friend’s needs, head to Moab Barkery, 435-259-8080,


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