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Natural Remedies for Winter Ailments

Ski vacations conjure up images of mountainsides covered in fresh powder, hot cocoa by the fire, and plenty of family fun. Unfortunately, ski vacations can also conjure up less-desirable images of sore muscles, altitude sickness, and winter colds. To combat the bad so you can spend more time on the good, Sunshine Herb Corner in Fraser, Colorado is here to help!

Sunshine Herb Corner is Grand County’s only business that specializes in herbal supplements, essential oils, and specialty health foods.

Jeanette Thomson, the lead Herbalist at Sunshine Herb Corner, loves providing customers with one-on-one support. She recently gave recommendations for aches and pains, colds, altitude sickness, and dry skin; some of the most common winter ailments experienced by travelers.

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To help alleviate some of your winter ailments, try these natural remedies:

  • Muscle aches and pains: Winter sports can leave the body hurting, to say the least, as muscles that may not be used regularly come into play. Arnica has been used for centuries to reduce inflammation and assist in recovery. Jeanette stocks a wide variety of high-quality arnica products—from gels to salves to tablets. Her most popular product is an arnica salve made locally in the Fraser Valley by Carol Moore.
  • Colds: Airports, holiday stress and other factors can add up to an unwelcome sniffle-filled vacation. Thankfully, Jeanette offers a huge selection of products designed to support and strengthen the immune system. One of her most popular items is Silver Shield, a liquid silver supplement purported to assist in combatting pathogens, and that is safe for everyone from infants to adults. The store features a full wall of herbal supplements, including Elderberry and Echinacea, two long-standing and popular cold remedies. Jeanette is happy to assist customers in finding the right product for their specific needs.
  • Altitude sickness: Sunshine Herb Corner offers canisters of 95{8e64a3eba3c6c0acf71f2163bc601eaf5c2e42a7d9fe826a05b677a44a6d7272} pure oxygen, helping to combat the sudden decrease in oxygen that triggers headaches, fatigue and nausea experienced by travelers coming from lower elevations. Jeanette also carries Chlorophyll and Ginko Biloba products, which are purported to alleviate symptoms of altitude sickness by increasing blood flow to the brain.
  • Dry skin & sun protection: Jeanette provides non-petroleum-based, organic products to fight the good fight against dry skin. Nubian Heritage, known for high-quality shea butter lotions, offers a variety of creative scents such as frankincense & myrrh, coconut & papaya and goat’s milk & chai. One of Jeanette’s favorite products is Bolm foot cream, infused with lavender and edelweiss.

At the elevation of the Fraser Valley, the sun’s UV rays are 25{8e64a3eba3c6c0acf71f2163bc601eaf5c2e42a7d9fe826a05b677a44a6d7272} stronger than at sea level. This often results in the ever fashionable “goggle tan.” Jeanette offers sun care products by Alba, Mychelle, ThinkSport, and Honest Brand to keep your skin protected.

In addition to all the great products mentioned above, Sunshine Herb Corner offers an ever-changing variety of gluten-free, paleo and vegan snacks, kombucha, and unique handmade gifts. Stop by on your next visit to the Fraser Valley and see how Jeanette and her staff can help keep you feeling good this winter!


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