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Skiing for Kids in Winter Park

Are your kids lying on the couch staring at their little screens? Winter sports, like skiing at Winter Park, are a great way to introduce your children to the great outdoors. Make sure their first experience is a good one so they can’t wait to get outside for more.

Getting Started with Ski + Ride School Lessons for Kids

That first lesson is crucial. Let the professional instructors create the best possible experience for your child. The Winter Park Ski + Ride School has group and private lessons for children. Instructors know how to make learning how to ski or snowboard fun and successful. Children at the Ski + Ride School wear a GPS device on their legs. At the end of the day, parents can access a report showing the terrain their children have skied. Expect a little bragging.

Keep Your Kid Happy: Riding Guidelines

A hungry, sunburned kid who is shivering with cold will not think skiing or snowboarding is fun. Lose track of a kid on the mountain, even briefly, and things could fall apart quickly. So follow these easy guidelines to keep your child a happy camper:

  • Conserve their energy right from the start – Use the little, red wagons found in the Village and base to haul kids and equipment. Save your kids’ legs for the slopes.
  • Keep them energized – The hunger pains hit quickly on the mountain, so pack along snacks and water. Protein bars, PB&Js and squeeze applesauce are great ideas, and can be eaten with gloves on. When you take a break don’t forget to stop at the restroom.
  • Have a meet-up plan – Kids and their parents often get separated on the slopes. Tell your children at which lift to meet and have a backup plan. Check the message boards to see if someone is looking for you. Every lift has a phone and a friendly operator in case things go south. Make sure your kid knows your cell phone number.
  • Make sure they use sunscreen – Does your child have “raccoon eyes” at the end of even a cloudy day? That means sunburn. Grease them up with SPF 30 sunscreen, and reapply every three hours.
  • Dress them properly – Kids will fall and roll in the snow. That’s a fact. Make sure they are warmly dressed to keep them dry. Hand warmers are a great idea.

Making Progress and Having Fun with Tricks: Where to Ride

Once your kids get a taste of the mountain and acquire a little confidence, just try to keep them away from the Terrain Parks. There’s lots of tricks and fun stuff to do to stretch your child’s abilities, including:

  • Starter and Bouncer Parks that give first time skiers and riders a chance to ride friendly rails
  • The Ash Cat is a small and medium park for those learning park riding skills
  • Once your kids have mastered the Ash Cat, the logical next step is the Re-railer, a medium-sized park where kids can take their tricks and style to the next level
  • At the top of the pyramid is the Rail Yard, Winter Park’s most advanced terrain park with a superpipe recognized as one of the best in North America

So get your kids on skis or a snowboard at an early age. It’s a sport they can enjoy for a lifetime. And when the family is all skied-out, try some of Winter Park’s non-skiing activities.

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