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Dog Sledding in Winter Park

Instead of planning a trip to Alaska to get your mush on, plan a trip to Winter Park! That’s right, dog sledding actually exists in Colorado. Imagine being wrapped in wool blankets and rushing over the snow in a sled being pulled by an enthusiastic team of huskies mushing through the Fraser Valley. One senses a feeling of joy in the dogs pulling the sled, as if they are having a great time running through the forest with their husky friends.

The dogs are quiet as they run, the only sound their paws padding along the snow-packed trail. When the musher halts the team one can imagine the dogs barking, “Hey, I don’t want to stop! When do we get to go again?”

Huskies are friendly, gentle, alert, outgoing and are born to run. Each dog has a personality with strengths and weaknesses, and a specific job as a member of the sled dog team.

The lead dog sets the tone for the team. At Dog Sled Rides of Winter Park, Jeff Martin began his pre-trip ritual of talking to and hugging his lead dog Gus, the last surviving member of the team Jeff raced in the 2003 Race to the Sky. After Gus retired from pulling sleds, Jeff took him for walks and let him have the run of the place. Often he would wander up to the house for a snack or just to hang out. It’s not surprising that many dogs become family to Jeff Martin and the mushers at Dog Sled Rides of Winter Park.

Keen to go on a dog sled ride with a team of Jeff’s pups? With more than 80 Siberian and Alaskan huskies comprising the teams, Dog Sled Rides of Winter Park offers 45-minute rides through the meadows and forests of the Fraser Valley.

And though you may think this unique activity is confined to one company, Snow Mountain Ranch also offers dog sled rides on a two-mile trail that winds through meadows with views of the surrounding mountains.

So what are you waiting for? Book a dog sled ride today and have the experience of a lifetime. Need more Winter Park winter activities to choose from? Pick up our free guest guide in town!

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