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The Moab Mecca of Mountain Biking

Moab has had a reputation for decades of having mountain bike riding that is not for the faint of wheels. Fortunately, that has changed in recent years as the trail organizations and the county saw a demand for more family friendly/user friendly mountain biking. Riders come from all over the globe to pedal the diversity of trails that Moab has to offer, and with the expansive, desert views, dramatic cliffs and slick rock riding, it is no wonder that fat tire biking is so popular here. There is no place in the world that matches the uniqueness of mountain biking in Moab and the surrounding area.

Plan Your Mountain Biking Trip

Tap into your inner kid and put your fears aside! If you know how to ride a bike, you know how to mountain bike. All you have to do is choose a trail that suits your comfort level.

Plan your trip keeping the following in mind when it comes to:

  • Navigating Moab’s mountain biking terrain – Biking terrain in Moab is broken into areas, most of which are grouped into ability levels. Each region has large maps on kiosks at each parking area trailhead. On slick rock trails, look for rock cairns (towers of rocks that denote the trail) or painted stripes that designate your route. Check out some of our GuestGuide Moab trail maps now to start planning, or stop by a bike shop for a $2.00 map of the area you want to ride.
  • Hitting the trail –  The Moab Brands (Bar M) area is perfect for newbies up to lower expert so are perfect for the entire family. Klonzo Trails, East on Willow Springs road are ideal for high beginner to upper intermediate riders. Advanced riders can test their skills at the Amasaback trails on the Kane Creek road, six miles West of Moab.
  • Having the right gear – Having the right mountain bike will make your ride that much more fun. A “hardtail” bike is fine (no rear suspension) and dual suspension is even better. If you have an older bike, consider renting from one of the many Moab bike shops that are outfitted with new fleets with the latest in technology. A hydration bladder in a pack is more convenient than a fanny pack for your water and gear; shorts with a chamois and the mandatory helmet. The shops rent bikes/helmets and sell some really fabulous schwag/clothes to get you well outfitted for your adventure.

Moab’s Famous Mountain Biking Trails

Years ago, Grand County saw the opportunity in Moab’s mountain biking and with the help of the Moab Trails Alliance, formed an organization called Trail Mix to oversee the creation of new bike trails and the maintenance of older trails (some of which are historic mining trails), as well as to provide signage and maps.

Today, you will be astounded at the depth and breadth of Moab’s biking options and trail systems, largely due to the proliferation of Bureau of Land Management lands in the area that allow recreational usage. The lands allow oil drilling as well as livestock grazing, which is why you might come across a gate on your ride. (Be respectful and leave the gate open or closed as you found it!)

Some of the well-known trails you can aspire to ride include the notoriously challenging Slick rock Trail, Poison Spider and Porcupine Rim. Until you’re ready to put your skills to the test, be a spectator at the Moab Hoedown in late October and watch the endurance racers navigate the challenges of Amasaback/Ahab.

Moab also offers plenty of riding options for road biking and cross cycling.

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