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Family Activities in Moab

When one conjures Moab, many probably think of extreme sports and activities. However, the depth and breadth of family activities holds its own next to the intense adventures in and around Moab.

The full gamut of activities for every age is abundant here. Ripe with anthropological and geological history; outdoor activities from mellow to nuts and many cultural offerings ensure that everyone from the athlete to the Mensa genius will be happy.

Moab Family Activities

Choose to go on an adventure together, or spend an afternoon simply enjoying each other’s company and taking in your surroundings. Some of our favorite family activities in Moab include:

  • Exploring the red rocks – Hang from a rope or dive into a murky pool while rock climbing or canyoneering, or get in gear with some motorized sports to get up close and personal with Moab’s red rocks.
  • Exploring the Colorado River – Raft or float a duckie (an inflatable kayak) down “The Daily” a mellow section of the river. Or opt for an adrenaline adventure on a whitewater trip through Cataract Canyon. Navtec Expeditions can provide you with either. A jet boat ride is an adventure packed way to spend an afternoon. Moab Jett will ensure you have a smile the entire time.
  • Touring the national parks – How cool to have two awe-inspiring National Parks in such close proximity! Both Arches National Park and Canyonlands are amazing places to get lessons in geology, history and paleontology.
  • Taking field trips – From toddlers to teenagers everything will feel like an extended field trip in Moab. Check out the Matheson Wetlands Preserve (an anomaly to find a wetlands ecosystem in a dry climate) where over 200 species of birds, reptiles and amphibians live. Or check out The Copper Ridge Dinosaur Track site 23 miles north of town. The variety of dinosaur tracks make Copper Ridge unique and worth a visit.
  • Showing off at the skate park or dirt bike track – If your teenagers are getting a bit amped, take them to the skate park at Swanny Park so they can show you their tricks. The bike skills park at Anonymous Park on 500W has features to improve mountain biking techniques for anyone of any age.
  • Just playing around – Spend an active afternoon splashing in the outdoor pool (May-October) at the Moab Aquatic and Recreation Center.
  • Hiking & camping – Take respite from the desert sun and hike Negro Bill Canyon to Morning Glory Arch. A gentle 5 mile hike, with several creek crossings, is shaded almost the entire way. Another family hike is Corona Arch, with the trailhead on the Potash road.  Better still, plan a camping trip amongst the rocks!
  • Partaking in pedal power – Moab Brands, aka Bar M, on Hwy 191 offers fantastic biking for families, especially the Bar M trail, which doesn’t require huge technical skills.
  • Visiting the Moab Giants Paleosafari – A super cool way to learn about the giants that used to inhabit the area millions of years ago. Interactive displays, a movie and life size dinosaur reproductions that you can get up close and personal with.
  • Enjoying some Moab Backyard Theater – An outdoor venue where hay bales are your seats, this is a throwback to the old days of American entertainment, it offers magic, music, and comedy between four and five nights a week. One block off Main.
  • Getting schooled in rock Art – Educate the kiddos about the first human visitors to the area by giving them a glimpse of the petroglyphs and pictographs either past Wall Street or the famed Newspaper Rock, on the way to the Needles District of Canyonlands.
  • Slacklining – Walking between two anchor points on a slack line of webbing that is suspended one foot off the grounds actually a great way to hone your balance for climbing, canyoneering and even mountain biking.

These are only a handful of the numerous things to do with your clan. To find more family friendly activities in Moab pick up one of our free guide books around town or request one on-line.

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