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David DaVinci Brings Magic to Moab!

Just when we thought Moab couldn’t get any better, World-class Thrillusionist David DaVinci has made his way to Moab this year! Performances will take place in the new 200-seat David DaVinci Theater (located inside of Canyonlands by Night), every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, May 15 through October 12 (plus Fridays June through September). Friday shows are for adults only.

You’ll laugh, you’ll cheer, and your jaw will hit the floor at his mind-boggling illusions. Blurring the lines of fiction and reality, DaVinci’s quick wit and offbeat sense of humor engage the audience as he is performing his illusions. His show is guaranteed to leave you fooled, but more importantly, thoroughly entertained.

In a phone interview with The Times-Independent, DaVinci had said “Moab hasn’t seen a show like this. It’s a new style of magic show.” He is absolutely right, and we couldn’t be more excited!

A great showman and phenomenal illusionist, DaVinci has one impressive resume! Having entertained in multiple world tours across 30+ countries, he has headlined five Fingling Bros & Barnum and Bailey productions and been seen on a variety TV specials. DaVinci has won multiple national and international awards, including the Pacific Rim Professional Stage Championship and the Masters of Magic Award. He holds the World Record for “Most Escapes from a Straitjacket in an Eight-hour Period”—it’s 220!

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