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The Taffy Shop Celebrates 81 Years

Mark-Igel-Operates-the-Model-K-Kiss WrapperOne bite of the delicious salt water taffy from The Taffy Shop and you know it’s the real thing. It’s so good that the original recipe was kept in a safe deposit box by founder Lowell Slack.

Five generations of visitors to Estes Park have stopped at The Taffy Shop to buy taffy that is created from scratch every day in the store’s kitchen. Current owners Kelly and Mark Igel cook the taffy for 40 minutes, then it is cooled, pulled and each piece is cut and wrapped by the Model K Kiss Wrapper. The whole process takes three hours.

Mark said, “This machine has processed every piece of candy The Taffy Shop has sold since the 1940s.”

Lowell Slack introduced his new taffy recipe to Fort Collins in 1933. He moved to Estes Park in 1934 and a few years later opened The Taffy Shop at its current location. A true gentleman’s gentleman, Lowell dressed in a coat and tie at work and drove a Cadillac.

When Lowell’s wife Lavonna Slack decided to retire in 2014 and sell the Taffy Shop, she transferred the recipe to the Mark and Kelly Igel family only after she was assured that they would maintain the recipes and standards that made the Taffy Shop’s reputation.

Today, Mark estimates that during the summer he and his wife Kelly make up to 35,000 pieces of taffy a day to serve the people lined out the door. Made with the best quality ingredients that leave no aftertaste, the candy is so fresh and flavorful that people say, “I don’t like taffy but I like yours.”

Classic flavors include cinnamon, peppermint, lemon, Texas pecan, vanilla, molasses, chocolate, and caramel with sea salt. Among the special flavors available on a rotating basis are banana, black licorice, cherry, strawberry, cotton candy, grape and many more.

This summer the seven Igel children work in The Taffy Shop, continuing the tradition of the family-owned business that is celebrating its 81st anniversary. For more information, visit

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