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Summer Camp: The Lessons Behind the Fun

With spring officially here, many people are starting to think about summer activities for their children to get involved in. While there are tons of options out there, summer camp is one of those tried and true traditions that offers a large range of activities in one.

Most people send their children to summer camp with the idea that they are giving them the opportunity to play, make friends, and try something new.  All of this is true; however, you are giving your child many more important gifts and lessons by sending them to summer camp.  

Here are 3 of great reasons as to why send your kids to enjoy the great outdoors at camp this summer!

  1. You are demonstrating to your child that you have faith in his/her capacity to thrive independently, make new friends and make decisions on their own.  At camp, children don’t have access to their parents to help them with each decision.  They not only have to make decisions on their own, but they have to handle the consequences of those decisions.  This is a wonderful lesson.  At many summer camps, there are campers from many different communities.  As a result, young men and women have the opportunity to be exposed to different cultures and ways of life. 
  2. You are giving them the gift of an evaluation free experience.  Camps are focused on inclusion and acceptance.  Unfortunately, during the school year, children are constantly being evaluated.  The college resume is starting at a younger and younger age.  They are concerned about the impacts of a bad grade earlier and earlier.  In addition, every post on social media is evaluated.  Children are tracking how many likes or comments they receive on every post (evaluation of their self-worth).  At camp, children are able to forget everyday stresses and get the opportunity to just be children.  They may get lost in a game of damn building on the creek, enjoy some unstructured play, or just sit around a fire and talk.
  3. You are teaching them that life is about experiences.  While most parents would love to be a part of all of our children’s experiences, it is important for children to develop their own memories, their own successes.  It is powerful for a child to accomplish something on their own. Whether it is peaking a mountain for the first time, riding a horse, learning how to raft, or learning to play the guitar, children build confidence in themselves when they try new things.  

These are just a few of the gifts you are giving to your child when they attend camp.  In addition, they are immersed in a world where character, compassion, individuality, and loyalty are valued.  They are able to explore their own curiosity.  They are developing social and emotional intelligence.  And they are given permission to spend their days just having fun.   

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