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Biking in Moab: Mountains, Roads and City Streets

While most people think of Moab as a fat tire haven for mountain bikers (which it is!), Moab also offers skinny-tire fans some of best road cycling in the world. Even enthusiastic non-enthusiasts can get their spin on by cruising around Moab on classic wheels. If you have any interest in biking what so ever, Moab will not disappoint.

Moab Biking Options For Every Rider

Want to sight-see through town, explore the red rocks or pedal some pavement? Moab’s got you covered with options for everyone, including:

  • Mountain biking – Moab mountain biking of old was notoriously challenging and not for the faint of wheels. Fortunately, riding in Moab now offers something for every skill level. There are tons of new beginner trails and new expert-level trails, all with excellent signage and information kiosks to help you stay safe while you’re having fun.
  • Road biking and cross cycling – Moab’s variety of road biking terrain and its stunning views make the town an ideal place to begin an epic road cycling adventure. With road riding options that wind through iconic Arches National Park and nearby Canyonlands and Dead Horse State Park, it’s hard to beat the beauty of road cycling in Moab.
  • Leisure cruisers – Want to avoid the mountains and miles and just cruise Moab at your leisure? You can! The Mill Creek bike path is a great place to just cruise along for a relaxing cycle within the city limits. Need some easy-rider wheels? Rent a cruiser from Moab Classic Bike.

Planning Your Biking Trip: Gear Rentals and Trail Maps

When you’re planning a biking trip, your route and your gear can make all the difference. Find everything you need for your adventure, including:

  • Gear rentals – Don’t have your own biking equipment? Renting biking gear is super easy in Moab, with a range of awesome local bike shops to choose from, each with its own friendly and knowledgeable team of staff and wide selection of gear. Choose to rent a bike for the whole day, or just grab a helmet for the afternoon. You can even rent bike racks to get to your gear to your favorite trail head.
  • Trail maps – With so much dynamic terrain, and so many unique trails to choose from, make the most of your biking adventure by planning your route. Whether you’re spinning your wheels for the first time in a long time or you’re seeking out a new, expert challenge, there’s a trail for you. Take a peek at our Moab mountain biking maps and road cycling routes to plan your adventure.

For more information about biking in Moab, pick up one of our free guide books in town or order one online.

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