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Public Safety

Public Safety

Bicycle Laws

Moab is a very cyclist-friendly town. Drivers must allow at least three feet between their vehicle and a cyclist when passing.

Cyclists must ride in the same direction as traffic, use hand signals when turning, and should utilize a white light on the front and red light or reflector on the back of their bike.

Bicycle Security

For maximum protection, take your bike into your hotel room or other accommodations.

If you have to leave your bike on a rack, consider using a hardened steel chain lock. These are significantly more difficult to defeat than standard cable locks. Bikes on roof racks are generally more difficult to steal than bikes on trunk or hitch racks. Don’t forget to remove bike computers, GoPros, and lights from your bike that are left on a rack.

Tip: If you’re riding your bike to the convenience store and running inside for a snack, leave your bike in the highest gear and take the seat inside with you. This will make it much more difficult for a thief to pedal away!

Pedestrians in Moab

Moab’s Main Street is a busy four-lane highway, frequently traveled by semi-trucks and other oversized vehicles. 
Always use crosswalks to cross the streets safely. Crossing outside of a crosswalk, aka jaywalking, is extremely dangerous and could result in a citation or an accident.

Where to Park

Parking is available for passenger vehicles on Main Street and on most of the side roads in Moab (your best option). Curbs painted red indicate “no parking” zones.

Oversized vehicles should be parked so that they do not obstruct traffic; parallel parking is usually the best option.

Camping in Town

Camping within city limits outside of a designated campground is strictly prohibited. 

OHVs on Moab Roadways

Off-highway vehicles (OHV) may be operated on Moab’s roadways, but they must comply with all of Utah’s equipment, insurance, and registration requirements. An OHV must be registered for street-legal operation in the owner’s home state and be covered by a motor vehicle insurance policy.
To make sure you have the proper requirements, go to

Lost and Found Property

For items lost or found within the town of Moab, head to the Moab Police Department, 217 E Main Street.

For items lost or found outside of city limits, go to the Grand County Sheriff’s Office, 25 S 100 East.

Vehicle Security

Vehicles parked at area trailheads may be targeted by potential thieves. Store valuables out of view, in the trunk or glove box. If it can’t be seen, it’s less likely to be stolen.

Be sure to lock your doors and always park where your vehicle can be seen.


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