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Moab Trail Maps for Hiking, Biking and 4×4

Use these maps to plan your adventure on two wheels or four! Courtesy of our good friends at Trail Mix!

Moab Trail System OverviewMoab City Bike TrailsMoab Trail ProfilesSand Flats & Spanish ValleyGemini BridgesMoab BrandsWhole EnchiladaAmasa BackKlondike and KlonZoHorsethiefHurrah PassDead Horse PointDino DiamondNavajo RocksMonitor & MerrimacShafer/Long CanyonSovereign

Moab Trail System Overview

There’s a reason Moab is known as the Mountain Biking Mecca. Whether you’re a pro or it’s first time on the trails, you won’t be disappointed.

Moab City Bike Trails

Looking for some road cycling options? Cruise through the city and take in the sights.

Moab Road Bike Profiles

Sand Flats Recreation Area Maps

This slickrock playground is a great place for biking or for putting your recreational vehicles to good use.


Slickrock Trail Map

PipeDream Trail Map


Prospector Trail Map


Gemini Bridges

Gemini Bridges Mountain Biking & 4×4

Home to the Magnificent 7, this trail system offers 2 options: 1 for mountain bikers and one for 4×4.

4×4 Gemini Bridges

Take your 4×4 on the Poison Spider route and exit on SR-279.

Moab Brands Trail Maps

With a variety of terrain, Moab brands offers fun rides for first timers and experts.


The Whole Enchilada

This trail system combines 6 trails to make an epic 25-mile downhill run from the La Sal Mountains to the Colorado River. Arrange for a shuttle at any of the Moab bike shops.


Amasa Back

With physically challenging intermediate and expert terrain, this ledgy, old jeep trail climbs 1,000 feet to a mesa overlooking the Colorado River and Kane Creek Anticline.

Klondike Bluff Trail Map

With a range of trails for riders of all experience levels, this trail system can be fun for the whole gang.

Klondike Bluff Trail Map


With 7 different routes, the Klonzo trail system is ideal for intermediate riders.

Horsethief Trail Map

These trails are great for campers who want to do a little biking, and this system also connects to the BLM’s Horsethief Campground on Hwy 313 to the 7-Up, Mag-7, and Getaway/Great Escape.

Hurrah Pass Trail Map

For an out and back ride on paved road and graded dirt, try the Hurrah Pass trail. At 33 miles round trip, you’ll get great views of the Colorado River, petroglyphs, and the scenic canyon.

Dead Horse Point Trail Map

Part of the Intrepid trail system, Dead Horse Point State Park now has roughly 17 miles of single track for beginner and intermediate riders.

Dinosaur Diamond

Navajo Rocks Trail Map

If you’re looking for rocky, intermediate terrain, you’ll find it here.

Lower Monitor & Merrimac Trail Map

The best slickrock playground in Moab for novice mountain bikers!

Shafer Trail/Long Canyon Map

Sovereign Trail Map

This single track ride is physically challenging with long rocky and technical sections. It’s a fun, intermediate ride best suited to mountain bikes but expect to encounter motorcycles. Also, make sure you bring a map as entrances to the singletrack at road intersections have been camouflaged to discourage ATV use.