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Winter Park Resort Ski + Ride

85 Parsenn Road, Winter Park, Colorado 80482

The Winter Park Ski + Ride School has a long history as innovators, with highly effective methods for teaching skiing and snowboarding.

The best way to get the most out of every skiing or riding day is to have skills that allow you to play anywhere on the mountian. The better skier or rider you are, the more fun you will have! Wouldn’t you like to be able to go anywhere on the mountain with style, grace and ease? Have more fun mastering all terrain and snow conditions? The top pros at Winter Park Ski + Ride School have a variety of great programs to match any and all desires.

Kids of all ages need strong parallel turning skills to enjoy the mountain beyond the green runs. Most parents associate terrain advancement with skill advancement and do their children a huge disservice by putting them on terrain that’s too steep too soon! Often, kids who are not able to control their speed with parallel turns will sit back in defense and become frustrated and tired.

Winter Park Ski + RIde school teaches kids to parallel turn on gentle terrain. Once mastered, skiing the whole mountain becomes easy and fun! All children in ski school wear a GPS device that not only ensures the group stays together but also allows parents to access a website at the end of the day to see where their kids have skied. No doubt, the kids will brag about the terrain they skied.

Full-day and half-day lessons are available daily as well as private lessons for all levels, beginner through expert. The half-day lessons are semi-private with a maximum of four participants in a lesson. Private lessons range from one and a half hours to six hours and are perfect for getting the individualized personal attention you need. For more information or to book a lesson call 970-726-1564, or online at

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