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Off-Road Play

Off-Road Play

Hundreds of Miles of Trails

The Moab area has unforgettable beauty with unique and diverse trails. Many of the trails are old mining roads.

Whether you bring your own vehicle, rent one, or take a tour from one of our guide companies, adventure awaits!

Travel is limited to designated motorized routes only. Traveling off a designated route is not only illegal, you can damage the important biocrust.

Moab has a wide range of trails to explore from easy 2WD scenic tours to challenging 4WD drive trails that will have you questioning how the tires stick to the rock.

Always stay within your ability. Stop by the Moab Information Center for updated trail conditions.
Make sure you are prepared for your day out with plenty of water, food, and WAG bags.

Know the Rules

There are hundreds of miles of old mining roads and 4x4 trails where you can explore with a Jeep, motorcycle, ATV, or UTV/RZR. Make sure you know the “rules of the road.”

Off-highway vehicles (OHVs) are not allowed in the national parks and require either a residential or non-residential permit to use in areas where they are permitted.

All OHV permits must now be bought online at

Education Requirement

Utah law requires OHV operators of all ages to complete an OHV education course before operating on public lands.

This requirement will ensure operators will have awareness of the laws and rules and increase rider safety.

This will also promote respect of the local communities affected by OHV operations and being respectful and sustainable on all OHV trails.

Find out more at

You can also visit for more details.

Where to Rent

Canyonlands Jeep Adventures rents four-door modified Jeep Wranglers. Since 2004 they have been renting Jeeps to get you into the backcountry. All rentals include their custom Trail Guide, a cooler of ice, and water. 435-259-4413,

High Point Hummer & ATV/UTV Tours offers current model/year side-by-side, RZR, and UTV rentals. Each of their rentals is maintained by certified technicians after every ride. They provide everything you need to safely enjoy a great day on the trail, including helmets and coolers with ice. Vehicles are street legal, but they also loan trailers if you prefer one. If you can’t pull a trailer, they can drop off and pick up any RZR/UTV. 435-259-2972,

Moab Bronco Rentals rents the all-new Ford Bronco equipped with the Sasquatch package perfect for Moab’s off-road terrain. 2- or 4-door models are available.

Whether you want to get off the road or visit one of the many national parks, the new Ford Bronco provides all you need to off-road or enjoy one of the many scenic byways in luxury.

Family-owned and operated, they offer hassle-free hotel and RV drop-offs and pick-ups. Airport pick-up and drop-off is available for an additional fee.

A trail guide with maps and step-by-step directions is provided as well as their favorite recommendations for trails in the area. 435-419-5222,

Never Go Without

For complete details on trails and more, we recommend FunTreks Guidebooks. They are written by experts who know the trails and how to best experience them. Purchase one at local stores or at

Trail Options

These are just a few popular options. More options are listed in the FunTreks book or at the Moab Information Center. You can also visit

Gemini Bridges 

This 14-mile road with stunning views can be driven as an out-and-back, or as a loop including Utah Hwy 313. The road is between US Hwy 191 and Utah Hwy 313 and is 4WD (moderate clearing is fine) between Gemini Bridges and US Hwy 191.

You can access the twin arches called Gemini Bridges from Utah Hwy 313 without 4WD.
This road is a popular area that can also access many other trails both for 4-wheeling and mountain biking.

There is a parking lot and you can hike to the twin arches that are on a rim of part of Bull Canyon. 

Chicken Corners 

This out-and-back route is a moderate 43-mile trail that takes about 3.5 hours to complete depending on if you also drive Hurrah Pass or not.

The route travels along the Colorado River just south of Moab. The trail follows a spectacular part of Kane Springs Canyon, climbs the Kane Creek anticline to Hurrah Pass, and then descends to benches above the Colorado River. The trail dead-ends at Chicken Corners about 400 feet above the river across from Dead Horse Point.

The Shafer Trail

This is a pretty amazing road with stunning views and switchbacks. The Shafer Trail is in the Island of the Sky district of Canyonlands and descends a 1,500ft massive sandstone cliff. The original trail was made by Native Americans to get to the top of the mesa. Sheep herders then used it to move flocks for the winter. Trucks hauled uranium to market. Today, the trail is an unpaved backcountry road used by those seeking adventure.

The road for the Shafer Trail starts near the visitor center (entrance fee to the national park required).

You’ll descend four miles down the switchbacks and you’ll take a left where there is a gate and a pit toilet. This part of the route is 15 miles and comes out at the Potash Road. The road traverses below Dead Horse Point and has amazing views of the Colorado River.

Allow 2-3 hours or more. ATVs/UTVs are not allowed on this trail.

Fins and Things

This unbelievably fun trail is part of the Sands Flats Recreational Area (fees apply) and is a 9.4-mile, one-way trail. This trail is on pretty hazardous terrain so best for experienced drivers only. Get more details at or the Moab Information Center. Trailer parking lots are located 0.8 miles before and 1.4 miles past the Sand Flats entrance station. 

Poison Spider

This 16-mile trail is one of the most scenic in the area and on a mesa. This challenging trail is a lollipop with a long section leading to a loop that you don’t want to miss on the rim. Most of this trail is on slickrock. There are some rock ledges and sandy washbottom. The 360 degree views from this trail are breathtaking with Moab 1,000ft below.

Hells Revenge  

This is a signature trail for Moab’s 4-wheel community. Located in the Sand Flats Recreation Area (fees apply) the 6.5-mile round-trip trail is mostly slickrock with bits of sand and rock ledges. There are extreme areas that cannot be avoided. Get more details at or the Moab Information Center.

Trailer parking lots are located 0.8 miles before the Sand Flats entrance station and at the trailhead.

Go With the Pros

See the area on a tour with an outfitter who knows the area and the trails. Guides have the skills to take you places you might not want to go on your own. Trips are offered year round. The winter months are less crowded and snow on the ground really changes the landscape.

High Point Hummer & ATV/UTV Tours specializes in guided side-by-side, Hummer, and UTV tours. Their Hummer tours feature visits to secluded canyons, hidden arches, prehistoric dinosaur tracks, and awe-inspiring panoramic overlooks of Arches National Park and the Colorado River.

They offer two- and four-hour tours as well as a beautiful sunset tour. No minimum or maximum age requirements, so bring the entire family.

RZR and UTV tours allow you to drive your own machine, but have a guide show you the way. You can play in sand dunes and cruise over slickrock. Tours are 2.5 hours. 435-259-2972,

NAVTEC Expeditions has a variety of 4x4 guided, custom, or group tours, in or out of the national parks, ranging from half-day to five-day adventures. Their tours are often combined with hiking and even rafting.

Backcountry tours are offered in Arches (they will take you to Doc Williams Point, named after a NAVTEC family member) and Canyonlands.

Horse Canyon, in The Needles district, is an archeological epicenter and an epic full-day tour.
Another full-day tour is to Horseshoe Canyon in The Maze district. The rock imagery is considered some of the finest in North America. This tour involves a 7-mile hike, so ask for details.

Travel the White Rim and explore the many treasures this area has to offer.

The tour stops for hikes beneath the White Rim with incredible views of the Colorado River.

NAVTEC offers multi-day trips on White Rim and even down to the beautiful Escalante slot canyons. They combine their 4x4 trips with rafting down Cataract Canyon. Charters are also available all over southeastern Utah. 435-259-7983,

San Juan County


San Juan County offers some of the most spectacular scenery in Utah and the Four Corners area. There are more than 6,600 miles of trails to explore from mountains to deserts and canyons.
Temperatures in this part of the state tend to be a bit more mild and cooler than in the Moab, Arches, and Canyonlands areas. The trails also are more isolated, allowing the trail rider to experience the sights and sounds without crowds.

These roads and trails are gravel and natural surface and scattered throughout the county, offering a variety of riding experiences. All designated motorized trails are open to OHV/ATV, motorcycle, mountain bike and e-bike use. Some trails have width restrictions. If you are operating a larger machine, make sure you don’t exceed these limits.

Permits are not required, with the exception of commercially-guided trips,
organized groups, or events of a certain size. Check with the local BLM and/or USFS office well in advance if your trip falls into one of these categories.

Always Follow Leave No Trace principles and be respectful of the land, other trail users, closed areas, and private lands.

Approximately 50 trails are identified as OHV/ATV trails and are marked with trail ratings from easy to difficult. Some of the trails have identified staging areas; otherwise parking alongside county roads is permitted.

Be Legal

In Utah, OHVs and motorcycles must be registered as street legal or display a current OHV registration on BLM administered lands.

OHVs operating on USFS administered lands must also have a Forest Service approved spark arrestor if applicable. Other state laws for drivers and riders also apply.

New Education Requirement

Utah law now requires OHV operators of all ages to complete an OHV education course before operating on public land.

This requirement will ensure operators will have awareness of the laws and rules and increase rider safety.

This will also promote respect of the local communities affected by OHV operations and keep trails in good condition for future use.

Find out more at OHV.Utah.Gov.


Find maps of OHV roads and trails at in the Public Lands Planning Department section. These geo-referenced PDF maps can be downloaded directly to a smart phone and accessed through a geo-referenced map reader app like Avenza.

Always carry a physical map and/or electronic map. Cell service is non-existent in many parts of the county.

Maps and trail descriptions can also be found on the San Juan ATV Safari website.

The San Juan ATV Safari is a group ride event that takes place every fall and offers guided tours of 19 outstanding OHV trails in the county. Their website is a good resource for OHV users wanting to explore the area.

Always Be Prepared

No matter the length of the trip, always be prepared and self-reliant. Carry plenty of water (one gallon per person per day), extra food, and fuel. Let someone know where you are going and when you plan to return.

A first-aid kit and basic self-rescue gear (shovel, winch, tow straps) are recommended. A portable toilet or WAG bags are encouraged for packing out all solid waste, toilet paper, and trash.

Go With The Pros

Sunrise Outfitting-Scenic Adventures offers tours to amazing scenery without the crowds where guests experience isolated and exhilarating experiences on user-friendly trails. They have tours where you can ride along with a guide, follow behind the guide on a U-drive tour, or bring your own machine.

Tours are available year-round, and they offer something for everyone. 435-459-1869,

Explore Bears Ears National Monument with a guided tour from Wild Expeditions. They offer a Bears Ears Scenic Tour and Arch Canyon RZR Expedition, and a half-day River House Ruin and 4x4 Expedition. 435-280-2557,


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